Lady Starts A Black Friday Scuffle

This Black Friday deal at a Saginaw, MI Walmart got one lady pretty worked up. She sees a little kid carrying one and stole it from her. Then tried to take one from the kid’s mom and it turned into a pushing match.

After reviewing this video a few times it just doesn’t make sense. That’s right, we’re calling it. This one looks fake! You’re not going to fool us this time Jimmy Kimmel!

Comedian Spartan Kicks A Heckler

“Rade Zone” is know by the Las Vegas Comedy Community as a Heckler who disrupts comedy shows by heckling comedians while they perform. And if you’re hosting an open mic in Vegas, “Rade Zone” is not a name you want to see on the signup list. The host of this open mic night at The Beat Coffeehouse on Fremont Street had had enough of Rade’s interruptions and told him to knock it off. Rade didn’t like being called out so he pushed the host which was one of the many mistakes he made that night. Wearing an aluminum foil hat was probably the first. The host told Rade not to touch him again but when Rade charged at him, the host did his best King Leonidas impersonation and laid the poor guy out.

*We’re sorry for the video quality and choppiness.

*Language warning*

Via: TheComic’sComic

Publix, Where Fighting Is A Pleasure

What started out as a parking lot dispute turned into a brawl at this Publix deli counter in Baldwin Park, FL on Monday

Allegedly the old guy (Grey shirt) was trying to pull into a parking spot but a pregnant woman with her 18 month old daughter was loading her car and blocking the spot next to her with a shopping cart. She wasn’t moving fast enough so he started yelling at her and honking his horn. They exchanged words and he was screaming at her that he was going to go complain to a manager. So the guy found parking elsewhere and went inside the store. The pregnant woman called her husband who came to the store and tried to beat an apology out of the old guy.