Crazy Golf Course Gator Fight

These guys were hitting the links at the Eagles Golf Course in Tampa when they spotted an unusual sight, two 11-foot gators having a throw down match on the side of the pond. Of course the only thing to do when you something like that is to pull our your phone and start recording, right? But what’s better than recording the action? Walking towards it. Yeah, rather than turning the phone horizontal to get a better picture, genius here walks right up to them. Great idea dude, a giant, angy reptile that is way bigger than you and can rip your leg off in one bit and you mosey on over and get right into the action. I bet he wouldn’t have gotten that close if it was 2 meth heads fighting.

Massive Brawl In A Greek Restaurant

These late night diners in Melbourne are enjoying some drunken grub when some guys get in a tissy over a table. An episode of drunken d-bags acting like drunken d-bags ensues and the restaurant gets thoroughly trashed. But this leaves us wondering, did she get a refund on her souvlaki?