Debbie in LA – Ep1 & Ep2

Remember the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ who did that weird online dating video a while back? Well now she has a new web series from Official Comedy and it’s just as weird and funny as you’d expect. Our only problem with it is they passed up a perfect opportunity to call it ‘Debbie Does LA’. Here are episodes 1 and 2 from the series which airs every Friday.

Episode 1:
After her video went viral, a dreamboat contacted Debbie and she quickly falls in love over the Internet. To prove to her friends she’s not being catfished, she heads to L.A. with her furbabies to meet him. When she finds out that he’s just a talent agent who thought she was an actress, Debbie is devastated—but decides to stick it out in Hollywood, where dreams come true.

And don’t miss episode 2!
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