WTF Wednesday 3-24

Meat Loaf – LosAngeloser Official Video

Meat Loaf has finally come out with a new single titled “LosAngeloser”. For a Meat Loaf song it’s a bit short but still great none the less.

Doritos – Crazy dream

This guy Mark is trying to raise money for charity by winning the Doritos Viralocity contest. You can help just by watching and voting for him. Come on, it’s not that hard and look at it this way, if you watch the vid and tell a friend, then you don’t have to give a dollar to a homeless guy to feel good about yourself. So see, Mark is saving you money, the least you can do is click play!

More information can be found on his site HERE

And here is the official site

Bear Grylls Gives Himself A 'Guano Enema'

Adventurer Bear Grylls is back for another season of Man vs. Wild, and he’s starting it off in grand fashion by giving himself a “guano enema” while in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Not that it’s some cheap stunt: Grylls is, rather graphically, demonstrating how to hydrate one’s self should you ever find yourself stranded on a raft without the company of Bear himself.

Valentine’s Day Proposal Fails

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