WTF Wednesday 4-6

This little boy may have watched Chicago one too many times.

Problem At The Steel Plant

Someone surely got fired for this

How To Pee In Public

Every Friday and Saturday night in any given city people are faced with the challenge of where to take a leak. You won’t need to search for a hidden alley after this hipster shows you how to relieve yourself in public without looking like a total scumbag who’s relieving himself in public. This guy is like the Mr. Miyagi of of the public wizz but maybe he could use his powers for good and teach these tricks to homeless people.

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Irish People Never Say “Yes” Or “No”

A New Zealander is interviewing an Irish lass and tries to point out how you never hear an Irish person say “yes” or “no”. This woman proves it true during the interview but we think he’s just not asking the right questions. Example: “Would you like a drink?” “YES!”. See how easy that is?

Creepy Headphone Commercial

The last time I went to the park, a squirrel crawled up my leg. That was fun, but nowhere near as noteworthy as the display put on by the well-endowed female jogger in this ZippearZ earbuds commercial. The ad is subtly titled “Rhythm & Boobs,” and that pretty much describes the action. The auto-jiggling inside that gal’s top is something to behold. The ad promises “They won’t fall out.” I’ve watched the spot 20 times, and I’m here to report that they haven’t. So far.

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