AT-AT Day Afternoon

Imagine if your toy AT-AT was also a lovable pet. Patrick Boivin thought about that. When he was a kid all he wanted was a dog and an AT-AT from Kenner. Like most kids, his parents didn’t get either for him and he grew up with an empty hole in his life. So he put together this video to try and fill that void with a creepy AT-AT that somehow poops out Jabba the Hut turds.

Naked Mom Playing Rock Band (SFW)

So what do you do when you walk in and see your wife, the mother of your children, playing the drums and jamming out to Rock Band in the buff? Some would suggest picking up a guitar and helping, but at least this guy opted for grabbing the video camera. Bonus points for rocking the ION drum kit and being a total MILF but points deducted for doing it in front of the kids. Kind of creepy but maybe they’re nudists, NTTIAWWT.

Is This The Best Airline Commercial Ever?

Most airlines gave up on the use of T&A to sell flights around the same time bell bottoms went out of style. Sure, the Virgin Americas of the world will throw the occasional buff model onto a poster here and there, but even then, it’s always very sterile. Airlines these days, with the exception of Spirit’s often risque marketing ploys (more on that later), seem to go out of their way to avoid offending anyone’s sensibilities.

Moscow-based startup Avianova isn’t having any of that noise. In this commercial, they don’t try to pitch low fares, comfortable seats or interesting routes. They cut right to the chase: Girls stripping out of their skimpy stewardess uniforms and delivering the best sponge bath an Airbus has ever had. Check out the action:

Avianova launched in August 2009 and now serves 16 destinations—all within Russia—with a fleet of five Airbus A320 jets.

And the similarities to Spirit’s male-targeted hijinks may not be a coincidence: The American investment firm Indigo Partners owns substantial portions of both airlines.

An Easier Way To Patrol A Bar

This Tampa Police officer in the Ybor City nightclub district decides he needs to patrol a bar area and help clear out some people that were milling about. Instead of just walking though it and using the old “move along” line, he decides to use his resources, this one being a horse. It makes sense though, why bother tying up the horse when you can just use it to convey your message more clearly.

Emo Kid Gets Creamed

This emo kid named Evan wants to make a little film for his friends where he shows how cool he is. At first it was kind of hard to look beyond his haircut that looks like someone jizzed on his face and it just kind of stuck that way but the video does have a payoff. He takes some lame setup hits and the whole video is kind of a snooze, but then something magical happens. Seems when Evan was casting for his little adventure he enlisted the help of a fellow student by the name of Sammy Watkins. Sammy who? Sammy Watkins, a high school football player that is one of the top college recruits in Florida. Sammy does a great job of showing why he is a major pick when he hits Evan so hard that his shoe comes off. For some reason the video ends after that.

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