Lingerie Football League Brawl

Saturday was the home opener for the Tampa Breeze as they faced off against the Miami Caliente and we have footage of the bench clearing brawl that broke out toward the end of the game.

How To Leave A Class In Style

Incredible One Take Christmas Video

The Zimmerman Agency decided to have a little fun this year and wish everyone a Merry Christmas by shooting this great video in ONE SHOT! We have to send love to them because they’re another Florida company, but more importantly, they look like a fun company. We here at StrangeBeaver sadly don’t have that kind of environment. And our holiday celebration won’t be some happy video, it will probably be at some scummy bar where we can drink away our feelings of shattered dreams…

Girl’s Hair Catches On Fire During Diddy’s Ustream

Diddy is doing a live Ustream with a bunch of hired hos hanging out by the hot tub when one of them decides to make the video feed a little more entertaining. Don’t worry though, it wasn’t her real hair so she should be OK.

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