WTF Wednesday 4-20

The Wrong Way To Load A Porsche

How To Erase A CD

A fun and quick way to erase the data from a CD. Granted, a hammer works too, but this way at least looks cool.

Hip-Hop Cello-Beatbox

Yet again someone is trying to butch up the art of playing the cello. This time Kevin “K.O.” Olusola throws his hat in the ring with a stylish piece called Jullio-O by Mark Summer and arranged for cello and beatbox. We’re not sure if it can be compared on the same level as the Hauser and Sulic Smooth Criminal Duet, but this is still pretty awesome.

Penguin Tickling

For today’s dose of AAWWWWWWW we present a baby penguin being tickled. The only way to make this cuter would be to have a kitten or a puppy doing the tickling.

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