Amandah Dancing To Hips Don’t Lie

You have to admit, Amandah has some moves. The kind of moves that lead to teen pregnancy. We sat through this whole video waiting to see if she went into labor but sadly, it didn’t happen. Her fetus must have thought it was in a spin cycle during this. The kid will most likely be born with a poor sense of balance and suffer from dizziness.

My Humps – ASL Style

At a Black Eyed Peas concert there was an interpreter signing the lyrics to the songs for a group of deaf concertgoers. The lady ends up being more entertaining than Fergie could ever hope to be. If this is what the Black Eyed Peas really sound like live, those deaf people should be thankful they couldn’t hear that awful mess. Watch on mute for maximum affect.

WTF Wednesday 8-11

We tried to come up with something to describe this video but words have failed us. The more you watch it, the funnier it gets. The dogs barking in the background make it even better.

Blackstar Warrior Trailer

What happens when you mix Star Wars with a Blaxploitation film? Epic awesomeness revolving around Lando Calrissian being the ultimate bad ass of the galaxy. Sadly, this isn’t a real film. But if it was, it would probably rule!

Justin Bieber Nailed By Water Bottle

At a concert in Sacramento one fan tries to show their love of Justin by chucking a water bottle at him. Luckily Justin is used to liquid flying at his face so he does a good job of taking it on the chin and carrying on. The multiple camera angles make this even better. You almost want to start saying “back, and to the left, back, and to the left”. Damn you Kevin Costner!

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