More Misspelled Tattoos

We’re guessing this artist failed geography

Pretty sure she may have at least one “regret” to live with

If you’re going to get something like “EXTREME” tattooed on your chest, you should add the word “GAY” underneath it

You’re as stupid as you are unoriginal

“Burglar”, someone who takes your money, like a tattoo artist who can’t spell.

He should have “thought” about this a little more before getting it done

Good advice to live “your” life by

“You’re” doing it wrong

Latin for seize the dictionary

Special bonus! This photo was submitted by viewer Tacha Trendz, which means we don’t have to make up something whitty to go along with it.
From Tacha:
It was supposed to say “My Tears Don’t Compromise My Strength” He left out the word “don’t” and spelled “tears” wrong. He was originally using a stenciled image of the text but decided to do it free-hand halfway through the tattoo. He was doing the tattoo from the bottom and worked his way up.
It was done at Premier Tattooing & Body Piercing 2314 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY

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