10 Really Strange Dating Sites

You know the old saying, there’s someone for everyone. With it being Valentine’s Day we figured it would be a good idea to look around the net and see if it was true. The results were pretty shocking and sometimes vomit inducing (yeah, there was even a site for that). We gathered up the top 10 that we liked and decided to share them with you in case there’s any lonely hearts looking for that special someone/something this Valentine’s Day.

10. DateCraft
This one isn’t too weird but it seems to be one of the only sites to tackle the issue of finding that special partner for World of Warcraft players. Here’s what we don’t get, most WoW players spend all their time online playing, so, why do you need someone around trying to distract you?
datecraft.com (Update- sorry, looks like this site is gone)

9. Women Behind Bars
Come on, you know you like those bad girls right? How about one so bad that she’s serving 5-10? Think about it, by the time one of these girls get out of the Pen, you won’t have to do anything but meet her at the gate and, once she rolls you for your wallet and car keys, she’s yours! Of course, she’ll probably shank you on sight, but it’s a small price to pay for true love.

8. Meet an Ostomate
Why not jump start your geriatric years right away with these hotties? They are good to go, and you’ll never have to hear “Can we pull over to use the bathroom?” ever again. They are portable, they are practical and they are leak free! Fulfill your fantasies and all of your dreams of tying up your darlin in plastic tubing and have your way with her.

7. Trekpassions
Live long and prosper with your true soul mate. A little gallery searching could find you a six-breasted mama all ready and willing to call you Kirk. If you are little standoffish, perhaps a Vulcan honey is what you need, but for those of you techie guys, a Borg chick would be right up your alley. By the end of the night, you’ll be saying, “But I’m giving her all she’s got, Captain!”

6. Date A Little
They say good things come in small packages, and you can even hook up in your hybrid with no complaints. Living a life of forced perspective is just what you guys who are a tad lacking in the endowment department need to boost your ego. Your unit will look enormous in her little hands. You can take your little elf out during the holidays and she’ll be a hit at parties too! You can’t go wrong, and we’re pretty sure it won’t take much to get a 65 pound person drunk enough to get into the sack.

5. Pounced
The lint compartment on your dryer will never been the same after you find the teddy bear, bunny rabbit or kitten of your dreams when you enter into this dating site for Furries. Didn’t get enough hugs as a kid, or couldn’t seem to stop watching Care Bears? Don’t worry about it – you don’t have to give up your childhood trauma in order to find love.

4. Amputee Date
Tired of the ladies giving you the stiff arm? These singles are trying to piece together a little love. You can enjoy the benifits of handicapped parking by day, and rubbing the nub at night.

3. Cupidtino
Are you so much of a Macfag that you can’t stand the thought of dating one of those dirty Windows users? Or god forbid, a Linux user (shudder). Well you can be high and mighty with your Macbook and iPhone as you cruise for singles that share your passion for anything with an apple logo slapped on it.
cupidtino.com (Update- sorry, looks like this site is gone)

2. Pet Passions
Cleverly desguised as a singles site for people with a love of animals, there’s a sub category within it for people who want to LOVE your animals a little too much. Have you been eyeing that great dane down the street? Or maybe you want to start off with a nice pice of daschound booty. With this group you can play red rocket to your hearts content.

1. JuggaLove
Are you a Juggalo? Do you feel that no one can relate to your obsessive love for great music by ICP? Then this site is for you. Put on your makup and pop open the Faygo, these Juggalos are ready to please.

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