Cosplay Wedding At Metrocon 2011

Back in 2000, Daniel and Cristin were friends in high school. After graduation, the two stayed in contact and eventually Daniel asked her out. Today, three years later, they returned to the spot where they shared their first date and realized how much they loved one another….Metrocon. Today they came to Metrocon not just for a fun weekend among other anime fans, but to get married at the Riverwalk of the Tampa Convention Center. With an army of cosplay fans cheering them on, Daniel and Christin tied the knot. Congrats to the newlyweds.

See all the pictures in the Gallery

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  • matt

    One less virgin at Metrocon this year. Yeah!

  • Kim

    Does anyone know who I can contact to plan one like this & how much it costs to book the time & space?

    • Daniel

      I know this was posted a bit ago, but I just now found this thread and thought I could share my expirience in case you're still curious or if anyone else is. I'm the Ichigo cosplayer in these pics. What I did when my wife and I decided to do this, was I contacted the director of operations to see if it was possible. He then gave me a time slot option and told me who on their staff could officiate and what they would be cosplaying as. He made things nice and simple and our officiant (Sailor Moon in this case) helped us plan out the events the night we arrived for Metrocon. As for the price, I can't say what it is for sure as I'm not staff and don't know if they will have different rates from year to year. Best option is to just go through the director and see what can be done for you. 🙂