Doritos – Crazy dream

This guy Mark is trying to raise money for charity by winning the Doritos Viralocity contest. You can help just by watching and voting for him. Come on, it’s not that hard and look at it this way, if you watch the vid and tell a friend, then you don’t have to give a dollar to a homeless guy to feel good about yourself. So see, Mark is saving you money, the least you can do is click play!

More information can be found on his site HERE

And here is the official site

Chatroulette Fun 3-4

If you haven’t heard, Chatroulette is the newest webcam fun site. The set up is simple, you connect to the site, hit play, and you are randomly connected with someone else. Mostly it’s a bunch of guys jerking it mixed in with a few average people who are just wanting to chat. Add to the mix a little technical ability and it let’s you have some creative fun at other people’s expense.

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New Video From OK Go

OK Go, known for their entertaining first video for Here It Goes Again tries to out do themselves with their latest video for This Too Shall Pass by using an awesome rube goldberg.

Weird Al Sex Tape Leaked

*WARNING*- This is graphic footage

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