10 Shockingly Offensive Messages Hidden In KIDS MOVIES You Love

Kids movies, by their very nature, are generally quite lighthearted and innocent. Anything that’s aimed at the younger generation should have as little offensive material in it as possible – but that’s not always the case.Disney in particular – as you’ll see in this video – are guilty of some truly terrible racism. Granted, most of the movies in this video are quite old – so it’s a tiny bit more understandable – but there are some modern movies – both Disney and non-Disney – that have some really shocking racism and racial stereotyping in them. In recent times, Disney have become known for their sensitivity and awareness about being politically correct. This year, for example, they’ve tried to tackle the subject of racism quite admirably in Zootopia, but other movies can’t say the same.So, let’s take a look at ten offensively racist moments in kids movies that you never noticed.

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