Youtuber Lindsay McCutcheon spent a little over 5 months creating this epic montage music video using 20 different classic Disney movies and set to the song ‘Pop Culture’ by Madeon. The time was very well spent, the finished product looks more like something that was done by a team of professionals

13 Real Jobs You Can Do In A Video Game (Infographic)

13 Real Jobs You Can Do In A Video GameAs ridiculous as it sounds, a lot of games are basically simulators of actual jobs. Whether it’s flying a plane like an airline pilot or working on a farm, there’s tons of real jobs you can do right from your computer. And best of all, you don’t get paid to do it! Awesome, right? On the bright side it gives you the chance to test out the gig before you go and quit your day job to start a new career

This handy dandy infographic points out 13 of the strangest ones
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