The Most Infuriating Movie Endings Of All Time

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as a bad movie ending. Failure to stick that landing in the final act can totally ruin an otherwise great film, or give us one more reason to hate one that was already a dud. Here’s a look at some of the most annoying movie endings in recent memory. And it should go without saying, but spoilers ahead…

Sadly this list leaves out one of the worst movie endings ever, Contact. What a steamy pile of monkey poo that was.

Oh, and AI too, ugh…

Lies From Adult Movies

At least some of you have seen an adult movie here and there, but did you ever notice how what happens in the movie doesn’t always translate to real life? Like when the cable guy comes to fix your TV he’s probably just going to fix it and leave. And the only screwing you’ll get from the mechanic will most likely be a monetary one. Let’s face it, adult movies are filled with tons of misconceptions. These users shared some of the favorite ones they’ve learned while “studying”.

Lies Learned From Adult Movies
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