Google’s Hidden Games (Infographic)

Google’s Hidden Games

Let’s be honest, we don’t always ‘work’ while we’re at work. Sometimes you need to take a mental health break for a few moments. After you get done looking at what’s new on Strange Beaver you may end up just mindlessly surfing the web you could play a quick game. Ah, “but I can’t install games on this computer” you say? Don’t worry, there’s a handful of quick browser based games from Google that you can easily play.
The folks at Euroffice have come up with this fun infographic to help you get your game on

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10 True Story Movies Full Of Lies And Mistakes

Filmmakers love adapting true stories to the big screen, and studios will always use the “based on real events” angle to draw in audiences and generate interest. They say that truth can be stranger than fiction, and sometimes what happens in the real world can be more compelling than anything a screenwriter can come up with. At the same time, it’s important to remember that fact-based narrative movies are not documentaries and can stray from the truth. Even if a majority of the facts presented are right, there will always be some elements that are overly dramatized for the sake of making a more interesting film. Here are 10 true story movies that were completely inaccurate.

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