Fun Texts From A Crazy Jewish Mom

It’s hard being a young 26 year old in today’s world, but as Kate Siegel found out it’s even harder when you have a crazy Jewish mother. Kate’s mom loves her but at the same time feels the need to constantly text her with ‘advice’ on her life. And it doesn’t stop there, mom also sends texts to Kate’s boyfriend the self proclaimed ‘Superjew’. So Kate did what anyone would in that situation, she started an Instagram page to let the world see how caring her mom is

Fun Texts From A Crazy Jewish Mom
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Super Bowl Snack Stadium DIY

Wings, pizza, cheese puffs, ranch dip — all the incredible junk we’ll be stuffing down our throats on Super Bowl Sunday tastes better when picked from an enormous, DIY snack stadium.

Slip ’n Slide through Ring of Fire!

What’s better than going down a huge slip’n slide? Doing it through a ring of fire! In ScottDW’s latest video they did just that, and filmed it at 1500fps so we can see it in ultra awesome clarity

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