How Much Would Elsa’s Ice Palace Cost?

elsa's ice castle - disney frozen
After watching Disney’s Frozen it kind of makes you wonder, could I live in an Ice Castle? Well of course! That would be bad ass. But since only Elsa has the freezing power to build one during a catchy song, poor schlubs like us are left to more conventional ways of scoring an ice palace in the Norwegian mountains. Luckily the folks at Movoto Real Estate Blog crunched the numbers and found out how much we need to save up to have an ice palace of our own. The number isn’t as high as expected and it’s actually pretty obtainable. If we all pool our money we might be able to pull this off. Plus there’s plenty of bedrooms so we can share it. I’ve got 20 bucks to pitch in if I can sleep on the couch or something.

Check out Movoto’s listing and full break down below:
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