The Evolution of the Flash [Infographic]

The Evolution of the Flash

Season three of the C.W.’s hit show Arrow introduced many to Barry Allen, a forensic scientist from a little town called Central City. Barry Allen is known to many as the Flash, the Fastest Man Alive, a founding member of the Justice League, and the first official superhero of a time known as the Silver Age of Comics. The title of the Flash has been held by more than just Barry; Jay Garrick, Wally West, and Bart Allen have all held the title of Scarlet Speedster throughout DC’s long history.

The Flash’s iconic red jumpsuit has not changed all that much in his history, even when other characters like Wally West or Bart Allen took up the mantle. The Flash’s look has stayed true to that original look developed by Carmine Infantino. Since his creation, the Flash has been featured in television, cartoons, video games, and comics—each medium giving him their own unique flair. Explore how the Scarlet Speedster has changed in his 75 year history with this infographic!
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Dark Disney: The REAL Stories Behind Popular Disney Films

Anyone who grew up with Disney movies knows that they can get pretty dark, from Mufasa getting trampled to death in The Lion King to Quasimodo’s mother being brutally killed in The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Still, many of Disney’s animated classics have had to soften or remove the more gruesome or depressing aspects of the fairy tales that they were based on. Make sure you let us know if we forgot any in the comments below! Here is Screen Rant’s Dark Disney: Real Stories Behind Popular Disney Films.


The other day a video was posted of a bear eating a woman’s kayak in Alaska (and no, that’s not a little man in the boat reference you sickos…) The audio of her screaming is laughable and makes you want the bear to do more damage to the kayak. With that Greg from Mediocre films set out to recreate the frightening attack with other things the bear could have done. Watch the original video, the lady deserved to have her kayak trashed.

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