More e-mails from an asshole

Original ad:
selling 1997 toyota camry. 146k miles. engine and transmission in good shape. was in minor fender bender, damage shown in pictures

From Mike Anderson to ***********@***********.org


Let me just introduce myself. My name is Mike, and two weeks ago my dog was hit and killed by a car in Manayunk. The driver did not stop. He was hit by a white ’97 Toyota Camry. With the side of the bumper bashed in like in your pictures. I thought I would never find the killer, but then I saw the murderers car for sale in Manayunk on **********! YOURS. What, are you trying to get rid of the evidence? You killed my dog of 8 years, and didn’t even stop. I had to tell my kids that they would never see him again. Now they just look dead inside, like their soul was taken from them. I can’t blame them.

We can’t bring Skip back to life, but I want you to come here and apologize to my kids. And buy them a new dog. It is the least you could do.

E-mail me back and we’ll set up a time.

– Mike

From derek ******* to Me

what? i didnt hit your fucking dog. no way im buying you a new dog
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If the moon landing happened today

In honor of the 40th anniversery of the moon landing. Here is a very well done vid about what the news coverage would be like if it happened today:

My favorite part- “Suck it China!” in the Twitter feed.

Nirvana vs Rick Astley

DJ Morgoth is an excellent mashup creator and DJ based in Germany. He runs an awesome night called Mashup Your Bootz. He made this great mashup of Nirvana’s Smells like Teen Spirit with a touch of Rick Roll to it.