7 things men should never wear

Seven Things No Self-Respecting Man Should Ever Wear

The well-dressed man can be seen in made-to-order suits on the high end and many well thought out ensembles on the way down. But sometimes, bad judgment overtakes reason, and we get these seven things no self-respecting man should ever wear.

1) Crocs

Unless you are either (a) seven years old or (b) working in a hospital, there is no excuse for this. Not only do you look like a total moron, but seriously, pastel shoes made of plastic? Really? What’s next, a shirt made out of green Saran Wrap? That’s waterproof too, douchebag.
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More e-mails from an asshole

Original ad:
selling 1997 toyota camry. 146k miles. engine and transmission in good shape. was in minor fender bender, damage shown in pictures

From Mike Anderson to ***********@***********.org


Let me just introduce myself. My name is Mike, and two weeks ago my dog was hit and killed by a car in Manayunk. The driver did not stop. He was hit by a white ’97 Toyota Camry. With the side of the bumper bashed in like in your pictures. I thought I would never find the killer, but then I saw the murderers car for sale in Manayunk on **********! YOURS. What, are you trying to get rid of the evidence? You killed my dog of 8 years, and didn’t even stop. I had to tell my kids that they would never see him again. Now they just look dead inside, like their soul was taken from them. I can’t blame them.

We can’t bring Skip back to life, but I want you to come here and apologize to my kids. And buy them a new dog. It is the least you could do.

E-mail me back and we’ll set up a time.

– Mike

From derek ******* to Me

what? i didnt hit your fucking dog. no way im buying you a new dog
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