Prankster extraordinaire Jack Vale came up with a way to make a colonoscopy a little more entertaining (unless you’re into that sort of thing, we won’t judge). To focus on colon cancer awareness, Jack pretended to be post-op supervisor and after patients got the Roto-rooter treatment he showed them all kinds of weird things he found in their bum.

Can you believe the random objects I found in their colons? Colon Cancer is one of the few cancers you can do something about because it’s largely preventable when detected early! Talk to your doctor about when you should get screened. For more information, check out

The HUVr Board Is Finally Here!

You know how we’ve been wanting hover boards ever since we saw ‘Back To The Future 2’? Well thanks to HUVrtech that’s finally becoming a reality. Here’s a video of their new HUVr board being demonstrated by Tony Hawk. They say that it has built in stabilizers so you won’t fall off of it. If they really wanted to stand by that claim they’d put Michael J Fox on one.

Sadly, we wish this was real

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