Incredible Eye Make-Up Art

Make-up art has really picked up its pace over the years, forcing artists to try harder and come up with their own unique style. Berlin-based artist Svenja Jödicke shows off her craft in this series.

Besides the regular make-up art tools, Svenja (also known as PixieCold) uses various props and accessories such as feathers, snails, sea stars or colored contact lenses. All of this goes to create some truly vibrant and colorful works.

eye make up art
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Excavator Swing

On this episode of “Things Rednecks Do”, we present, The Excavator Swing.

Skater Kid Learns Not To Run His Mouth

Let’s start by saying that we don’t advocate hitting kids, but this one may be an exception. These kids are skating and doing jumps off a set of stairs when an older man approaches them and tells them to knock it off. The kids start running their mouths and trying to intimidate the older guy then when he gets defensive start playing the “oh you can’t hit me I’m a kid” card. One of them decides to run his mouth a little too much and a bystander gives him a lesson on the real world consequences of his actions.

Cat Fails To Jump Into A Box

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