Straight Outta The Closet

Peaches and The Fruit Snax have a new anthem for when they’re terrorizing the hood.

Mall Santa Fail

Some numb-nuts at the Palm Beach Gardens Mall thought it would cool and edgy to have Santa rappel down from the catwalk to greet the kids. The one thing they weren’t planning on was his beard and wig getting caught in the line and thus exposing the kids to the hard truth that the mall booked just an ordinary alcoholic pedophile instead of the real Saint Nick.

Barbie’s Dark Side

Who would have known America’s sweetheart could get so twisted. Mariel Clayton, that’s who, the brilliantly evil mind behind this Bad Barbie photo series. The inspiration? Simple: ‘You can’t get to be Barbie without an ocean’s worth of peroxide, 27 plastic surgeries and a complete lack of intelligence, so it irritates me immensely that this is the toy of choice women give to their daughters to emulate. Behind the vacuous perpetual lipsticked-smile lurks the black heart of the true sociopath, just like in real life’.

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