Things About Cars You Only Notice As An Adult

Yet another entry in a long line of blockbusters for Pixar, Cars tells the story of a cocky race car named Lightning McQueen who learns there’s more to life than racing. Like a lot of Pixar pictures, it also presents a richly detailed world—this one entirely populated by cars and other vehicles. Kids who were mesmerized by the movie in 2006 are now old enough to notice its many other layers—including adult jokes, obscure references, and even some disturbing things about life in the Cars universe…

“LeFou Gay?!” A Disney Animator Speaks Out (Parody)

Disney animator Frank Johnston (who may be a combo of Disney Animators Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston) finds out that LeFou is gay in the new Disney reboot of Beauty and the Beast. Frank is concerned with the reaction that the news is getting and makes it his job, as a Disney Animator of over 50 years, to set the record straight when it comes to gay characters in Disney movies.

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