What Happens To Those Star Wars Words?

You ever watch the beginning of the Star Wars episodes and wonder where that flying text goes? Neither did we, but these kids did, and decided to make a video about it.

Kid From Back to the Future 3 Propositions Michael J Fox

Watching BTTF3 you can’t help but notice that Doc Brown’s kids are a little creepy looking and weird. But one thing that stands out in this scene is the hand motions that the youngest makes. Watch Vern as Doc is talking to Maggie. To give him the benifit of the doubt, he could be saying “mommy, after this scene I need to pee”, or he could be saying “Hey Michael, wanna ride on my disco stick?”. You decide.

Epic Wedding Invitation

Jeff and Erin wanted something different to invite their friends and family to their wedding. They managed to pull it off by producing a cheesy yet cute video invitation. The only problem, now it’s gone viral. If anyone will be near Vegas on 10-10-10 you can join the hordes of wedding crashers that are sure to be at this event.