WTF Wednesday 12-9

Someone likes bagels just a little too much.

WTF Wednesday 11-25

Watch in horror this genetic mutation of humanity. FEAR HIM. He has the mark of The Beast (earring and douchebag barb wire tats). Run to your personal House of Worship and pray to your God that he is not allowed to breed.
If this is our future, it is indeed The End of Times.

Oh, and btw, stick with it until at least 00:53, or you’ll miss the dancing.

10 years of viral videos recreated for TV commercial

Swedish Internet Service Provider ComHem is currently running a TV commercial commemorating their 10 years of providing broadband services. The fictional characters Judit & Judit, two customer service employees, set out to recreate some memorable internet classics.

The version aired on Swedish television does not include the barfing game show hostess.

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