What Happens To Those Star Wars Words?

You ever watch the beginning of the Star Wars episodes and wonder where that flying text goes? Neither did we, but these kids did, and decided to make a video about it.

Bikini Girls Reading The Star Wars Script

How To Ruin A Parade

This guy in Norway notices a parade is passing by his apartment and being a big fan of parades he decides to help out the marching band as they pass by. The looks he gets from the real band are priceless.

Best Rap Song EVER!

Don’t let the guy’s looks fool you. He may look like a straight laced kind of guy with his sweater vest and glasses. But inside lies a secret, a guy that knows what he wants in a woman and knows how to say it, through an awesome rap!

Roomba Turtle

If all turtles knew of this technology they may try to take over the world!

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