Girl In Short Dress On Mechanical Bull

This girl decides to try her hand at riding a mechanical bull but seems to have forgotten she’s wearing a dress. Obviously alcohol played a factor in her judgment. But we’ll let it slide.

Awesome Double Fail

You know what’s better than watching a fail video? A video that features the holy grail of fail, the elusive double fail, and this video has it. After the biker manages to wipe out, the photographer ups the ante by tripping over his feet.

Lightning Strikes A Plane Mid Flight

I’m On A Boat – Navy Remake

Ever since The Lonely Island came out with their song I’m On A Boat, tons of people (especially in the Navy) have tried to make their own version. This one by far is the winner. These crewmen of the USS John Paul Jones did a shot for shot remake that is almost identical to the original and just as entertaining. The best part though, T-Pain has been replaced by the American Revolutionary himself, John Paul Jones.

Mad props to the guys for putting this one together.

Tourettes Karaoke

This guy has tourettes and one night as his tics were acting up he decided to pass the time by throwing on some Air Supply and singing along. The result is probably one of the best versions of “All Out Of Love” EVER!
*Language Warning*-He has tourettes, duh!

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