Who Wants To Be A Movie Extra?

spring breakers movie A couple weeks ago we were sitting around reading the news, doing our general surfing when we found a press release that sparked our interest. It seems that James Franco and Selena Gomez are gearing up to film a new movie in the Tampa area and a casting company was looking for extras. Generally not something that would interest us, I mean, come on, Franco was a bad ass in Deuces Wild and Spiderman, but this movie looks like a snore fest. The thing that stood out in this press release was that the casting company was looking for young men and women in their late teens to early 20s to play extras in the film, primarily for a couple of beach scenes. In the press release they asked for anyone interested to submit their info and pictures via e-mail to a generic Gmail account. In the release they even stated “swimsuit poses are a plus”. We thought, that’s pretty stupid, any jerk could set up a Gmail account with a slight misspelling and receive submissions from people who accidently type the wrong address and get a bunch of pictures of young people in beachwear. About that time a light bulb flickered and off to Gmail we went.
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E-Mails From An Asshole 1-27


Original ad:
36″ RCA tube TV for sale. good condition. pickup only. very heavy. first with $50 gets it. no phone- email only.

From Me to ************@*********.org:

Hey there,

I want your TV. I have $50 cash and can pick it up anytime. What is your number? I’ll call you for directions.


From Steve ***** to Me:

hi mike. i live at 54 ********* dr. can you get it today? i dont have a phone so just show up and knock on my door. ill be home all day sound good?

From Me to Steve *****:

Sounds good. I’ll be over in a few hours.


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Battlefield 3 Trolling

Generally, having a team killing jerk on your team sucks. But when said jerk compiles a video of his antics, it shows how much fun it can be.

How To Parallel Park Like A Jerk

Even though the video is sped up, watch the time stamp. This guy spends a solid two minutes slamming other people’s cars just to wedge into a space.