Why Taking The Bus Sucks!

Whenever you hear someone talk about the benefits of public transportation, show them this.

E-Mails From An Asshole 7-15

Childhood Classics

Original ad:
Movies wanted for children aged 5 and up – will take all unwanted DVDs!

From Me to *********@**********.org:
Hey there!

I’m trying to get rid of a bunch of movies I’ve had since I was a kid. The movie stores won’t take them, and it would be a shame for me to just throw them out. I’d love to pass them on to people who can enjoy them. Let me know if you are interested.


From Julia ****** to Me:
Mike – Which movies do you have and how much do you want for them?
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E-Mails From An Asshole 6-24


Original ad:
Clean fill
Need clean fill rocks are fine. not much. cannot pick up must deliver. will take off you hands for free.

From Me to brad ********:

I have some rocks I need to get rid of. I have several different types of rocks ranging from 1/2″ to 6″ rocks. Just let me know what kind you want, how much you need, and when I can send my guy to deliver.



From brad ******** to Me:
well i need them to fill a small whole in my backyard so bigger rocks i guess? 6 inch would be good. i only need like 2 wheelbarow loads so not too many. when can you deliver?

From Me to brad ********:
6″ it is. I can have a truck there to deliver any time between 9-5 Monday through Friday. Where are you located?

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E-Mails From An Asshole 6-10

Incompetent Phone Repairman

Original ad:
We can fix any phone problem, and fast! Have your phone fixed while you wait. Water damage? No problem. Cracked screen? No problem. Low prices! Customer satisfaction is our priority.
We are located off of Rt 3 near Upper Darby.

From Me to ***********@*********.org:
Hi there,

I’m not sure what happened, but my phone simply stopped working last night. I was talking on it and it suddenly shut off and won’t turn on. Do you think you would be able to repair it?


From Will ******* to Me:
We most certainly can fix it. What kind of phone is it?

From Me to Will *******:
Oh, I’m not sure…I’m not too good when it comes to technology. If I took a picture of the phone, would you be able to tell?
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