Beaver Badge Contest Winner – February

February’s winner of the Beaver Badge contest is Mike C. from Tampa! Mike thought that people may want something to look at while in a port-a-potty in South Tampa. At least he didn’t put it in the toilet. Congrats Mike, that $50 Visa gift card is on it’s way to you!

Can you out do this for next month? The March contest is already underway!

The following entries are deserving of honorable mention.

StrangeBeaver parking only? Awesome!

We like to think this one says “I love you”

The beaver looks like he’s looking over the top of the back seat, awesome angle on that one

We hope she didn’t take the back of the sticker off before setting it on her dog.

A nice sunset pic

Another one from Mike, this one is from inside the Tampa Convention Center

Thanks to all the contestants that entered. Don’t forget, you can enter again! Send in your entries for next month!

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