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  • lmao, gotta love 4chan

  • joe

    Well that's very clever.

    Lets see if we can pull a mean trick on a bunch of downs syndrome folks next!

    It's not very hard or clever to hurt people.

  • Pudding4me

    Awwwh I feel so bad for these guys, one of them even brought a rose.

  • Matt

    The amount of time and effort needed to pull this off make the ones doing the prank "forever alone". Sad people selfishly spreading their depression. You're setting a designated time out of your day and hours of prep to watch some guy stand sadly near a phone booth…forever alone.

  • MrT

    @Matt: You are probably one of them who got caught. hahahaha

  • Stephanie

    Yeah, not funny. Just mean. Poor guys! I hope they all meet somebody nice soon.

  • anon



    this is priceless

  • eric

    the word for this is sadism

  • Sarah

    I don't get how this is funny. The people that came up with this, and did it, obviously have WAY too much time on their hands. They have to be lonely themselves to even come up with this. This just has "bitter" written all over it. Not clever, not funny, just mean-spirited and a waste of time. Why would I want to spend my afternoon watching guys show up on that webcam? Just looking at the pictures made my heart ache for them. This is a poor use of internet.

  • Jebus

    i lol'd. I'd seen the picture but I didn't know anybody actually did it. also reddit had a counter in which they tried to do the same with a guy profile so people would meet, but i guess no dice

  • Megan

    ๐Ÿ™ this is so sad!

  • Andy

    Cruel. Not funny.

  • bobbin

    that was mean.

  • Anon

    Fake. Those are just random people looking at their cell phones on NYC. Nothing about any of them look like they are sad.

  • Joe Blow

    Hey, maybe if you had gotten out and walked the streets of NYC before, you would have known that people standing around on the street is not uncommon! Yes! Bear with me now: believe it or not, there are lots of pedestrians in New York City! Oh, I'm sure you got a few bites, but clearly your grasping attempt at originality was minimally, if at all, effective. Sorry.

  • Dieff


  • Brent

    Not a fan of this type of humor …..How is fucking with someone like this funny? Except to the heartless little nerd who is probably too fat and ugly anyway and can't get a girlfriend themselves.

  • khanmo01

    This thread is giving 4 Chan a bad name…they pull way better shit than this dumb bastard.

  • anon

    Awww :c That's just cruel.

  • lol

    lmao i wish i would've seen this before it happened so i could've joined.

    i see ja & dceve on the pay phone too

  • Kelsey

    This is truly horrible and mean!! At first I was like this might be kind of funny, then I saw the guy with the rose and the little smile and I realized how cruel this is! You should be ashamed.

  • Mean. But I chuckled.

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  • Anon

    Tolling is a art. Good job.

  • nibor

    Poor guy that brought a rose….

    Flashmob some Pedos next time using chat rooms.

  • Max Normal

    Boring and spiteful

  • _

    This is almost as hilarious as when 4chan uploaded children's cartoons to youtube that would switch to hardcore porn a few minutes after the movie started…. you know, to really stick it to all those stupid little kids that had done absolutely nothing to 4chan in the first place.

  • Ru

    You're all going to hell for this. I lolled so I guess I'll meet you there!

  • assbag

    Do this to a fat chick with a picture of a decent man and you'd be drawn and quartered. Nice to know misandry is alive and well.

  • Justin

    these are nice people looking for a date. Fuck you asshole. Eat shit and die young

  • Fury

    This looks like some random people either waiting for somebody or checking their phones specially the guy in the 4th picture he doesn't even seem to be waiting for somebody because he is in the middle of the crowd.

  • shocked

    listen, I usually hate when people comment on funny things taking it too seriously and bitching about how its wrong, i mean i'm usually the one thinking "what a faggot, its a joke". but this truly broke my heart to look at it. this is cruel and pathetically time consuming. shame on whoever did this. i hope you die a virgin and all alone and if not that your child dies as an infant. that poor fucking guy brought a rose.

  • Herp

    Wow, I'm surprised at the amount of butthurt people around here. If you're visiting a dating site you deserve this. And these people aren't random people of NYC. There's even a article of the same prank where some people were interviewed.

  • Derp

    "If you’re visiting a dating site you deserve this"

    Possibly the most retarded comment on the internet.

  • Aya

    This is mean and not funny at all. I feel sorry for them. Karma will get you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stay classy, 4chan

    This prank was hardly "successful." All it did was create an involuntary DDoS on the site with the camera and cause about half a dozen guys to waste five minutes.

    KYM interviewed one guy who said that he didn't have to go on a crappy date, the girl wasn't crazy and he didn't spend any money. A no-show was, apparently, one of the best results from online dating.

    There was no flash mob, only a few guys showed up and /b/tards got so horny at the thought of looking at guys waiting on a corner they crashed their own site.


  • Sally Bee

    This is just cruel and mean. I feel bad for those guys.

  • Anon Nymous

    Lol, people truly don't understand the power of trolling yet. We trollz exist as a community on t3h internet. We live forever, wherever the weak minded may post, there will be a troll waiting to stomp your dreams into pudding.

  • Jess

    this is not funny, its so sad. i feel so bad for them, standing up people is a terrible thing to do, it must have been humiliating for them.

    all of the people who tricked these men are definitely forever alone themselves. get a life and stop messing with peoples heads and hearts :/

  • Anon

    Considering that love exists nowhere but within the human psyche, it should be obvious that you're not going to find it on the internet.

  • Lup

    Like lots of people said above :

    this is horribly sad.

    A prank might be fun : seeing standing alone, in itself, could have been fun. But for like, 5 minutes. And not after having been lying to them for days or weeks. The greater the expectation the greater the disappointment.

    I felt sad for these men. I would like the prankers to be in their shoes. Pricks.

  • Andrew

    I don't see anything advantageous about this "prank." From the pictures it doesn't look like it was all that successful, but to the extent that it was it's pretty pathetic that someone would bother wasting their time to create a fake profile for the sole purpose of trying to make someone else (a complete stranger who had done no harm to them, of course) feel bad. But hey, whatever helps you sleep at night.

  • tony montana

    They made some dudes stand around in New York! The Horror! Seriously, it had potential to be a pretty funny prank, and if you were there you'd be able to tell who was there because of your trolling (you'd have seen their pics).

    To the guy moaning about misandry, that fat chick prank sounds like a laugh actually. Get it done!

  • This is why

    We call those who we're supposed to go on dates with first.


    This is so sad, how we as human beings have lost respect for each other. You can pull their pants as an act of prank but playing with their feelings? Shame on you, you will never be at peace for this.

  • thegame

    it really wasn't funny, and I'm a cynic.

    Seriously, what's funny about this? It's just a bunch of guys looking for a girl that doesn't exist.

    IMO that's farther than any of you will ever get.


  • Challege Accepted

    Let me start by saying this is f**king hilarious

    Now let me defend my comment before you morons misinterpret it

    This is the type of thing that is hilarious to think about with your friends and joke about like "What if we created fake dating profiles like pedophiles or serial killers do but instead of molesting or killing people we just pick out guys who look like losers but could actually be pretty cool and make them all meet at the same place and time so we can watch them be humiliated"

    "Yeah dude that be hilarious"

    but this is really fucked up to actually go out and do it so enjoy your little pranks now because you will end up forever alone

  • Fornicater

    Everyone, you realize that by saying how sad and sadistic this is, and how mean the fucktards are who did it, you're just giving the /b/tards something to giggle about. They LIVE for this.

  • Tyrelle

    I'm a jerk and i think this is messed up. Damn.

  • Kaitlin

    Funny part of it? hmm, none of it. It's hard enough to find a companion then you have to rub it in their face that they are "forever alone"?

  • namtab77

    I have renewed faith in the human race after reading the comments left here.

  • ashlee

    thats messed up. they brought gifts and look genuinely sad. who really would think that is funny?

  • Thal

    I have almost no boundaries regarding internet humor, and I'm just as desensitized as the rest of my generation. But this "joke" fails pretty hard. Seeing these guys made me feel very sorry for them. This was very petty and pathetic.

    If you want to be funny, try being self-effacing. You might actually get some laughs, and your audience would probably like you instead of seeing you as the troll you are.

  • me

    What a stupid thing to do. How can you be so cruel to people? That poor guy with the flower, I just want to go give him a hug. Whoever started this deserves to rot alone forever in their basement bedroom. Karma bitch.

  • Turdburglar

    GUYS! this is not fake. i was one of those guys.

    Im so sad right now.

    I think i may steal some poo!

  • Brian

    Yeah, this sucks. It's too mean to be funny, it's just being a dick to a bunch of people looking for a gf.

    The guy who spent hours online making this prank was forever alone.

  • Suzie

    Even though this is kind of funny it still makes me feel bad for them.

    Specially that guy with the rose. If I had lived in NYC I would have gone there and asked one of them for a date ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Jay

    Yeah I have a douchey sense of humor and even I thought this was too mean. What a dick you are.

  • Jayne

    This was mighty cruel – something for the people who planned this to feel good about as they go about their own lives, eh? Because I know I always feel the best after I've crushed someone's spirit.

  • Alissa

    There's nothing about how awful and sad this prank is that isn't already written in the above comments. Even worse, the pathetic individuals that pulled this off are probably reading these comments and laughing. What makes me smile is that a little thing called Karma will turn around and will fuck them up:)

    I'm totally for Natural Selection.

  • Shaan

    As I was reading through the Forever Alone instructions, I thought this was gonna be hilarious…I was totally wrong ๐Ÿ™

    Dude, there's a limit to the degree of trolling. Making a fake profile, then getting to know someone, and finally standing them up just for laughs is just…screwed up.

    I'm happy with all the negative comments, but I noticed more women getting pissed off than guys. Being a douche doesn't make you more a man, it just makes you a douche.

  • Okay, let's get this straight: Is this prank sad? Yes. Is it wrong? Yes. Would any person with a reasonable set of morals and a basic understanding of what it is to be a good human being to your fellow man ever do this to someone? No. Is it essentially nothing more than really complicated and time consuming prank calls? No. But is it clever? Fuck yeah it's clever. Feel free to say the things we're all moral obligated to say, you're all right; but this is clever as shit. Whoever spent the time and energy putting this shit together and then spread it across the internet should really be investing their time in something more productive. Shit, write a prank book and sell it. Don't exploit the loneliest among us for cheap (much less free) laughs. Let's face it, we're all stumbling on the internet right now. None of us are that cool of people. Let's embrace our forever alone brethren.

  • Forever Alone

    Initially I lold at the idea. But the execution is cruel (I know, I know, don't feed the trolls).

    But to all the female commenters (or pretending to be: no women on the internet), it's easy to feel pity, but probably none of you would actually consider dating them yourselves.

  • Asdf

    You all do realize that coming up with a prank like this takes maybe 5 minutes to conjure in itself, and then maybe an additional 10 minutes to actually find pictures, make a fake FB page, etc, etc, etc. Even having the conversations with these lonely guys could take maybe 10 minutes in itself, combined.

    It's not hard. It takes minimal time. It's a funny prank. Get over your sensitivities and have a fucking laugh. Jesus.

  • Jard

    Whoever did this, I hope they contract Leprosy.

  • JR

    This has to be one of the cruelest pranks there is. Shame on you, may any of you that helped lure people into this get stood up so many times that you date even less than forever alone types!

  • jeremy

    you are a bad person.

  • Your balls


  • Mark

    Poor form. Childish and mean to put it mildly.

  • Me

    This is cruel & bullying. Why pick on people who may already feel down on their luck? What sort of sick twisted person gets high on creating misery for others? Does it make you feel superior that you can raise hope then dash that hope in others? If this sort of thing turns you on then I hope you get found out while boasting about what you feel is your cleverness. One thing's for sure, if you treat people like this you show your true cruel nature, & will be found out eventually. Treat others as you'd have them treat you is a good maxim by which to live your life.

  • Hannah

    I dont know. Some of them weren't that bad looking. :3 I'd go on a date with them. The people who made this prank, NEVER IN A MILLION years. So who really is going to end up being forever alone?

  • Calvin Mckinley

    oh ma god that is undeniably funny, you whoever made this are amazing. this totally made my day! i feed off of the energy of those who feel depressed or alone. Oh no! we dont have girlfriends how depressing i mean we could be working for pennies an hour or sleeping under a newspaper on a cold night in a big city, but nope, girls dont like me ohhh waaaaaaah lets all cry

  • Nugget

    This is ftw! Stop complaining you silly wussies. Who goes on a blind date anyways?

  • jewgold86

    itt: butthurt foreveralones who use internet dating

  • funny facebook

    This is sick.

  • Justin

    Pretty fucked but who goes to meet someone without actually talking to them or seeing them on webcam first?

  • Anon

    … Messed up bros.

  • Jax1979

    Only a lonely douchebag would create this prank…super mean, not funny

  • maggie

    I just can't figure out what is funny about a man standing on a street corner with his cell phone waiting on a date who isn't coming. Never mind that only a certified douch canoe could conceive of something like this – but where is the humor? They're just standing there. Looking bored. Feeling dejected. Why is that funny? You know, there's a word for folks who think causing pain is funny. The word is psychopath.

  • Rob

    I feel bad for anyone who dosent find this funny, I reall do.

    Bravo, I salute you internet

  • mnksld

    Well maybe they didn't get a date, but I'd like to think some of them got to know each other and befriended ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Waydle

    The person who made this should have taken someone he hates (eg. ex or something) and given all these people her number her phone would be ringing so much during and a little after lol

  • chick

    haha so funny. and sad but more funny! lmfao

  • Frenchy82

    I do believe it is fake…it is easy to take pictures of ppl in the street holding a phone…

  • Eric

    Grow up.

  • doletronation

    It's funny, even if your one of the guys who got pranked. Not super funny, but funny enough to laugh a little. I mean just think about how serious you guys are this. No one was, a few guys where embarrassed without there knowing. All who may never come across this picture or if they do at the least let's remember the day and and think to themselves, "Oh! So, that's what happened." And if they have a certain kind of sense of humor laugh a bit, or if they maybe brake down and cry. Which is kind of sad on their own accord because I think you're going to do something like date people online you might have to come to expect these kind of things anyways. Besides, this is probably fake.

  • Nat

    Cant believe how cruel this is ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ really disappointed

  • Binge

    Not even slightly funny.

  • GeekTastic

    And THIS is why I dont date online xDDDDDDDDDDD ~ImtheGeekTasticiestGirlYouKnow~

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  • le roy

    haha thats really funny, I feel sorry for those guys but thats just the risk u take when u look for love on the internet, haha lol

  • .

    Omg some of them brought gifts! That is so sad, but I have to admit it is kind of funny!

  • Pennywise

    This is the funniest thing ive ever seen

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  • joe nalty

    Very distasteful.

  • Bob Jones

    This is a truly ugly thing to do.

  • ummyeahdudes

    wow. all of your angry posts are probably from ugly people that use those websites. just a prank. deal with it

  • ChristinaM

    This is just cruel =( Look at how awesome and nice all these guys look

  • CorndogsFTW

    *Yawn* not funny. A classic example of trying too hard to be funny and just end up being cruel and mean spirited. I think the only ones that may enjoy require the naiveté of middle school boys. Most of us have evolved beyond this. Better luck on your next fail.

    Remember the fat cop Farva from the movie Super Troopers? This prank pretty much sums up the same sense of humor of that character.

    P.S. Please remove the trollface illustration of yourself behind the computer, just *another* sad example of trying to promote yourself as being funny while sadly falling short.

  • Lucinda

    This is fucking terrible. Why in the world would anybody think that this is funny? Think it makes you cool? Think you've got power over others just because you got yourself a girlfriend/boyfriend? Wow. Those people actually thought that somebody had feelings for them and that they were going to get a date. When I saw that poor little Asian guy with the rose, I think my heart broke. Whoever made this is a heartless asshole, and I hope that their significant other cheats on them and then dumps their ass in a public area.


  • alexis

    Seen carrie? You’re going to wake up one day and realize that you truly are the biggest loser. Anyone who does this isn’t worthy of being a person. Peace bitch

  • rawfodoc

    the guy with the rose just…made me sad…i don't like this anymore.

  • Simon

    Only a child would think this is funny . Everyone else thinks you’re a prize asswipe . I hope this comes back to haunt you when you grow up , to avoid stain of this on your soul I suggest you contact all the people and BEG for forgiveness. I am horrified at the work you put into this , perhaps an exit off a bridge would be a better option , call me if you need a hand .

  • Adam Forlaw

    that’s actually pretty fucking mean

    • Zakaree Daley

      Yeah it is actually really fucked up and this guy deserves to get punched in the face.

  • keith

    I would pay money to be able to fuck up the person who did this.