E-Mails From an Asshole 10-30

Caught Cheating

Original ad:
No strings attached – dinner wine whatever?
I am a nice woman just looking for a good time. Come over and drink and we can watch a movie and see where it goes from there 😉

From Me to **********@********.org:


I live in the area and am also looking for a good time with no strings attached. I am a 37 year old man who just likes having some fun. How about you come over and we watch a movie and have some wine? You down?


From Karen ******** to Me:

Hi mike! Of course I am down for some fun 😉 Do you have any pics of yourself?

From Karen ******** to Me:

Mike are you still there? I havent heard from you!

From Me to Karen ********:

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WTF Wednesday 10-28

This week is a special treat. While searching around for something that was just plain odd we found “ederam” on YouTube. We couldn’t decide which video was worse so we’re posting two of our favorites. In the first, you’ll be treated to this guys dog chewing on his stomach, which is, well, pretty f-ed up. In the second, erderam does a nice little sarenade to Pretty Woman, and starts to strip.

Back Scratcher

Pretty Woman

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