Win A Copy Of Zombeavers In The Beaver Hunt!

Congratulations to John from Tampa for finding the Zombeaver! He was hiding in the post for American Pincher. Interesting side note, we didn’t know when we originally posted the video that one of the characters was Peter Gilroy who played Buck in Zombeavers. Strange coincidence, weird timing, whatever you want to call it. At any rate, congrats John, we hope you enjoy the film!

beaver-hunt Alright Beavers, it’s been a while since we’ve had a good ole fashioned Beaver Hunt so let’s do it!

With today being Zombeavers Day what better way to celebrate than by giving a lucky fan a copy of the movie?

Here’s how to play:
Somewhere on our site, Zombeaver is lurking in a post. Be the first one to find him and you’ll win a copy of Zombeavers (We’ll buy a digital download from your choice of Amazon or iTunes and send you the link). Then you can kick back and watch this awesome flick.

The first person to find our Zombeaver (our logo, not one of the countless movie ones we’ve posted) and e-mail us at Sorry, the contest has ended with a link to the post Zombeaver is hiding in will be the winner. Hints will be given on our facebook page so check that if you’re having trouble finding him.
*NOTE- unfortunately this contest is only for US fans since the VOD sites don’t work elsewhere. We’re sorry

Good luck Beavers!

Friday Freebie 3-13

Congratulations to all of our winners!

Free stuff! Alright Beavers, we have a special Freebie this time. With all the crap going on the Freebies haven’t really been as regular as I would like so let’s try and make up for lost time. I have a ton of stickers for BeaverMart that are waiting to find new homes in the hands of our awesome fans, I also have a book of stamps and a stack of envelopes, so lets give some away!

This Freebie is a pick your sticker Freebie.

You want one of the new vinyl Beaver Badges? You got it! You want a Baby Beaver Badge? It’s yours! You want one of each and a Pink Basic Beaver decal? Consider it done! The new vinyl weather resistant Beaver Badges were just added to the store so those are up for grabs. So pick any stickers you want up to 3 and they’re yours. You can go to BeaverMart and see the selection, then just send an e-mail to sorry Beavers, the contest window is closed with the subject line of ‘Stickers!’. Entries are open until Midnight EST tonight and I’ll start off with 20 winners. Maybe more, depends on if I start getting wild later on tonight. Good luck Beavers!

Friday Freebie 1-9

Congratulations to Beaver fans Sharon and Bob for winning this freebie!

Strange Beaver freebie!
Alright Beavers, time for a Friday Freebie! This week you’re playing for a black Beaver logo shirt and a sticker pack from BeaverMart!

For your chance to win, just send an e-mail with your name to (Sorry, the contest has ended) with the subject line of I want a shirt!. The contest will run until Midnight Eastern time. After Midnight we’ll pick 2 lucky winners and contact them for their mailing address.

Good luck Beavers!

Friday Freebie!

Show Us Your Beaver Contest โ€“ December 2014 Winner

Congratulations to Mike from Tampa for winning the December edition of the ‘Show Us Your Beaver’ contest. Although we try to encourage our fans to not place Beaver stickers on other people’s property, this one is just too cool. All the years of doing this and no one ever thought to find a stupid road sign? It’s so simple yet so awesome!

Congrats Mike, that $50 Visa gift card is all yours. For the rest of you, if you want to get in on the action then don’t forget to Show Us Your Beaver!

Show Us Your Beaver Contest - December 2014 winner