Mad Flute Beatboxing Skillz

Flute beatboxing has been around for a little while because guys had to find some way to butch up playing such a girly instrument. This guy gets bored one night in his hotel room and decided to show off his skills. Watch his eyes as he’s either lost in thought and concentration or completely tweaking on speed. Either way, this guy kind of struck a cord with us (HA! get it?!?).

The Last Exorcism Chat Roulette Reactions

Remember ChatRoulette, That site that was cool a while back but then turned into a sausage fest with a bunch of guys wanking it? Yeah, it’s still around, and strangely, people still use it. So anyway, the new movie The Last Exorcism is set to come out on August 27th. They decided to use ChatRoulette for a little viral marketing by finding lonely horny guys (like that took long) and showing them a clip of a cute girl. Little did they realize that this cute girl would turn into a demon (don’t they all?). The result is a great marketing tool with some good reactions. Although the movie looks like it’s going to suck, at least they’ve given us some laughs. Mad props to the OCR team for finding this one.
*Language warning*

Meme Of The Week 8-19

This week’s meme is one of the oldest and one of the best, Ha Ha Guy

The Back Story: Ha! Ha! Guy (or Quaker Guy) first appeared in a 19th century newspaper advertising “Forbes’ Insoluble Dry Plates. The advertisements had a cheery Anglican or Quaker laughing about using a insoluble dry plate.

The image reappeared around early 2003 on SomethingAwful where it had local use. Two and a half years later, it spread to and became a hit. Ha Ha Guy appeared in almost every thread and began to get out of hand. Fark admins started issuing temporary bans on users who over posted the images to try and cut down on it’s use. This caused a backlash within the community and on July 15th, 2005 Fark admins created a page so everyone could get it out of their system and post Ha Ha Guy images to their hearts content. This was later referred to as “The Grey Wave.” Since then Ha Ha Guy has been hailed by many as the king of memes. It has the ability to be applied to almost anything and has even spawned into cross meme status where another meme theme is incorporated into it. Ha Ha Guy has also spawned into real life with Halloween costumes, t-shirts, white boards, etc.

The set up: Simple, use the image and add text to make it appear the guy is laughing about something.

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