Locker Room Beat Down

It’s always fun to watch someone talk a lot of smack and then get thoroughly pummeled.

Batman Gets A Beatdown

The capped crusader wanted some R&R so he left Gotham to have a fun time in Sin City. While on the Vegas strip he gets into a shouting match with a tourist and things escalate into a BLAM-KAPOW spectacle.

Bully Gets KTFO

Sure an old man sitting on the side of a building seems like an easy target. But as this bully found out, you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. After picking a fight with the old man he rightfully gets Knocked The F*ck Out.

Another Bully Gets A Beating

It looks like Casey body slamming his bully has set an awesome trend in motion. Now we’re seeing more people standing up for themselves against school bullies. In this vid, a bully is harassing a taller kid in the locker room. After about 2 minutes of back and forth, the tall kid snaps and unleashes a flurry of face punches. The best is at the end when he makes the bully call him “sir”.

Savannah Cop’s Brutal Take Down On A Girl

Just a little PSA: If you’re out late at night in Savannah, blocking traffic and fighting, LAY YOUR BUTT DOWN when the cops show up and tell you to get on the ground. The wrong thing to do is start flailing your arms at the cop. And after he hits you with the pepper spray and you still don’t lay down, don’t piss him off by walking away.