Bully Gets Body Slammed

After probably years of getting bullied at school, this kid finally snaps and gets revenge. hopefully this bully learned a lesson but sadly, he’ll probably continue to be a douche.

Taco Shop Tranny Fight

This awesome brawl at a San Diego taco shop consisted of at least a dozen transvestites according to police reports. No one really knows what started it, but we’re pretty sure it had to do with who had a prettier dress. You know how girls can be.

How To Be An A-hole

This comedy video shows how much fun you can have if you spent every day being a complete a$$hole to everyone around you. Sure, you’ll get your butt kicked here and there, but overall it looks like a lot of fun.

Predator – The Musical

Brothers Jon and Al Kaplan have released their latest video masterpiece, Predator The Musical. The story of the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, set to a nice opera.

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Fighter Gets Knocked Retarded

Muai Thai is a kickboxing style of martial arts that is known to be pretty aggressive. In this match, watch as one of the fighters gets knocked so hard it looks like someone flipped the switch to render him mentally challenged. Walk it off sissy!