A Robot Ordering A Scone

This robot freaked out some people in Mountain View the other day as it strolled into the Red Rock Coffee Shop to try and refuel. This could mark the start of the robot invasion, but at least they’re good tippers.

Up Close Bike Crash

Nate Dunn participated in the Cherry Pie Criterium on 2/6/2011 with a great HD camera mounted on his bike. Toward the end of the race he captured a spectacular crash and even managed to become part of the action himself.

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When Truck Jumps Go Bad

One afternoon, Scotty decides it may be a good idea to jump his 4×4 F-150. The 25ft jump is pretty impressive, but he also totalled his truck and broke his back. 2 Titanium rods and 8 screws later, he’s expected to make a full recovery. We’re just wondering how much alcohol was involved in this.

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