Girl’s Hair Catches On Fire During Diddy’s Ustream

Diddy is doing a live Ustream with a bunch of hired hos hanging out by the hot tub when one of them decides to make the video feed a little more entertaining. Don’t worry though, it wasn’t her real hair so she should be OK.

The Funniest Infomercial Ever

Made about one of the stupidest products ever.

Ladies, do you ever feel uncomfortable knowing your lady parts aren’t quite as nice smelling as they should be? Do you want to spruce things up and even ad some crystal tattoos along with it? Then the Tajazzle kit is for you! We only wish Billy Mays was still around, he would have rocked this infomercial. HI, BILLY MAYS HERE FOR THE TAJAZZLE! WANNA PUT SOME BLING ON YOUR THING WHILE GETTING THE FUNK OUT OF YOUR JUNK? THEN ORDER THE TAJAZZLE TODAY!!!!!!!

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How We Wish The New Yogi Bear Movie Would End

The latest lame attempt at a Yogi Bear movie is set to relase on the 17th of this month. In their spare time, the animaters came up with an alternative ending that would probably make this crapfest of a movie worth watching. Since you know this didn’t make the final cut, and since the rest of the movie will suck, go ahead and watch this clip. We just saved you 10 bucks.

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