Skateboarder Tears Himself A New One

In this episode of “Ow My Balls!” we visit a little boy named Micah. Micah wants to be cool and impress his friends by flinging himself off a 20 foot flight of stairs at a San Diego High school. It’s fun to watch him scream in pain while his friends just sit there and stare at him. Good friends there Micah. From what his friends say at the end he’s going to need some stitches, taint no way around it.

Does anyone else think of Boy Scouts when they think of a crying child with a bleeding taint in the school parking lot?

ATilla At Home

Not only is today the 30th birthday of Pac Man, it is also the 30th anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV: The Empire Strikes Back. One of the coolest things that came out of this episode was the AT-AT. Think about, any army can roll up and attack you with a tank, but the Empire felt they needed something more stylish. Why just roll up and blow away your enemy when you can land miles away and slowly walk toward them. Granted, this gives them plenty of time to dig in and defend themselves, but these are rebels we’re talking about, how good can they be? It’s not like 3 years ago they used a stunt fighter to destroy your biggest battle station or anything.

Nick Drummond got a toy AT-AT and wanted to treat it like a new pet. This led to a funny pictorial series he dubbed ATilla At Home:

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