Close Call For Skateboarder

These guys decide it would be fun for one of them to ride a bike while towing the other on a skateboard. While they were busy screwing around in the road and acting like they were in their own little world, they forgot to look both ways and a car comes inches away from carrying out a good dose of Darwinism.

Naked Mom Playing Rock Band (SFW)

So what do you do when you walk in and see your wife, the mother of your children, playing the drums and jamming out to Rock Band in the buff? Some would suggest picking up a guitar and helping, but at least this guy opted for grabbing the video camera. Bonus points for rocking the ION drum kit and being a total MILF but points deducted for doing it in front of the kids. Kind of creepy but maybe they’re nudists, NTTIAWWT.

An Easier Way To Patrol A Bar

This Tampa Police officer in the Ybor City nightclub district decides he needs to patrol a bar area and help clear out some people that were milling about. Instead of just walking though it and using the old “move along” line, he decides to use his resources, this one being a horse. It makes sense though, why bother tying up the horse when you can just use it to convey your message more clearly.

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