Suicide Squad Parody by The Hillywood Show

She is rotten. He is damaged. They’re a match made in hell. Blast open the psychotic mind of Harley Quinn as she admits her obsessive, mad love for the Joker. WB’s SUICIDE SQUAD meets LADY GAGA in this explosive and fierce production by The Hillywood Show

HARLEY QUINN Asks JOKER Out on a First Date

Joker and Harley Quinn love each other to bloody pieces. But when did Harley Quinn and Joker actually fall in love? Here at Arkham Asylum we discover the exact moment when Harley Quinn asked Joker out for the first time. Arkham Asylum… a place for only the most demented of minds to fall in love. Only $200 for a 3 night stay! CALL NOW!

6 Secrets To Defeating Deadpool

Filmgoers have finally discovered something Deadpool’s longtime comics fans have known for a while: the Merc with a Mouth is nearly impossible to kill. He soaks up bullets, survives buildings burning down, and even regrows a hand in the weirdest way possible. It’s easy to leave the theater wondering exactly how anyone could ever defeat someone with such an amazing healing factor. Fortunately, years of Deadpool comics have offered an array of techniques for accomplishing just such a goal. Supervillains, avert your eyes! Here are just a few ways to defeat Deadpool…

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