The Chaos Of Being A Parent – Photo Series

New Jersey based photographer Danielle Guenther got bored with the ‘traditional’ family photo shoots that show a family in matching outfits faking happiness for the camera. Real life is gritty and chaotic and when you add kids to the mix it becomes even messier. Danielle took a different approach with her series Best Case Scenario showing a more realistic side to parenthood and despite all the chaos, it can still be beautiful.

Realistic family photography
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Super Hero Swat Team Saves Children’s Hospital

As a Halloween treat for the kids at the ProMedica Children’s Hospital in Toledo, OH, twelve Toledo SWAT team members dressed up as super heroes and rappelled the walls to ‘save’ the children. This is just a teaser for a full video and fake ‘newscast’ they’re working on for the kids, but it looks like everyone had a good time. But next time can we ditch the Ninja Turtle? Surely there were other super hero costumes available…