Overhyped Games That Ended Up Being Terrible

Nothing’s worse than spending $60 of your hard-earned cash on a new game, only to be disappointed with the product. We’ve all been burnt by bad games at one point or another. Publishers and developers overhype their games, making bold promises, and placing false hope into the minds and hearts of consumers. Here are a few of the worst offenders.

PACMAN: Come out to Play

The gang from Fury Fingers put a whole new spin on Pac-Man with this funny video. Filmed guerrilla style over 5 nights in Adelaide, Australia this fan film blends multiple pop culture icons into one cool offering.

Funny Honest Review Of Tetris

Video game vlogger and reviewer Darkk Mane has created an weird and funny honest review of the game Tetris. He takes issue with the game’s poor character development, voice acting, and graphics which he says are inferior to the video game Seinfeld.


We’ve been following Beat Down Boogie’s Mario Warfare series for years now, and they’ve finally wrapped everything up into one awesome full movie. If you want some great entertainment tonight you can relive the entire series with this great vid!

Watch the entire MARIO WARFARE series recut as a single movie! With score by Karel Antonin and improved effects by David Keninger. Written and directed by Micah Moore. Co-written by Christopher G. Moore. Produced by Blake Faucette, Rick Burnett, Matthew Sumner, and Micah Moore.