Build Your Own Warp Scythe – DIY Prop Shop

Forged from the Psi Blade technology of the ancient Templar and infused with Void energy, the Double Headed Staff of the Dark Templar is a very powerful weapon. Now harness your strength into a warp blade of your own with stuff you can find around the house in this DIY video!

16 Interesting Facts About Legend of Zelda You Might Not Have Known

The Legend of Zelda is one of the most popular franchises by Nintendo today. Whether they’re a gamer or not, anyone can recognize the main character, Link (who is often mistaken by non-gamers as the titular Zelda). But before it became the household name that it is now, it had its humble beginnings as a game in the Famicom Disk System that was being developed alongside Super Mario, another well known Nintendo game. And even though this game was released a long time ago, there are still a few facts that you can learn about this epic action-adventure game.


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13 Pokémon Coffee Blend Labels: Gotta Brew ‘em All!

Need some brew to focus your Poké skills? Our friends at just came up with these awesome Poké brew labels

Pokémon Coffee Blend Labels: Gotta Brew ‘em All!

As with any long-running pop culture phenomenon, as a franchise gets older, so do its fans. Pokémon trainers have grown up since 1996, the year that Nintendo and Game Freak released Pokémon Red and Blue, and they’ve evolved a lot in the past 20 years. They’ve graduated from high school and college, started careers, and even families. There are plenty of adult Poké-fans now, who instead of drinking juice boxes after school, drink coffee before work. (Full disclosure: we are those fans. Surprise!) Sooo, to combine our love of Game Boy and caffeine, ideally together, we’ve designed 13 different coffee blends featuring some of our favorite Pokémon on the labels.

1. Pikachu’s Morning Spark
Pokémon Coffee Blend Labels: Gotta Brew ‘em All!

Pikachu is probably the most well-known Pokémon. Like, if you asked your grandma to name just ONE, she’d definitely be more likely to answer with Pika, rather than, say, Garbodor or Rayquaza. We imagined Pikachu as a morning blend, thanks to his cheerful attitude and electric personality. (Sorry.) This is a great go-to blend for people who are just starting to get into coffee. Pikachu is just so likeable on a large scale, and so is his coffee roast.
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