Operation: Hug A Vet!

To celebrate Veteran’s Day today we’d like everyone to bring back one of our favorite activities, Operation: Hug A Vet! It’s very easy to participate, just find a vet, give them a hug and say “Thank you”. It’s that easy! Now get out there and start hugging!

Operation: Hug A Vet!

Villains Run For President Campaign Videos

In this time of political turmoil we find it difficult to pick the perfect candidate. This election Year if you’re going to vote for a villain you might as well vote for one that can make a difference. Here are the campaign videos for 3 great villains that would like to lead America. Why vote for the lesser of two evils when you can have true evil?

Cobra Commander Runs For President:

Shredder Runs For President:

Joker Runs For President:

No matter who you vote for we just want to make sure you participate in the process. So get out there and VOTE!

Floor Plans Of Popular TV Show Homes

TV shows pull us in to the world of our favorite characters. After watching them for so long we can recognize their dwelling almost as well as our own. But what is the layout really like?

Our friends at Homes.com made these handy floor plans to give us a look at the homes of 8 of our favorite shows.
Floor Plans Of Popular TV Show Homes - Breaking Bad
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