Subway Beggar Fail

This one is kind of long, but the payoff is great. This is why you don’t give to people begging for change.

Slim & Chubbies Calendar Search 10-21

Another Thursday night, another Slim and Chubbies calendar girl search. All the girls did a great job this week and it was a real toss up on who would win. Special thanks to the Slim and Chubbies staff for being great hosts, to the girls who participated, and even more importantly, many thanks to the Strange Beaver fans who made it out. It was good seeing you guys. If you are in the Tampa Bay area you don’t want to miss this. Every Thursday, 9pm, no cover and $10 sink or swim. Get more information (and pictures of past events) from their website here
*NOTE*- The winner was contestant #4 who didn’t sign the model release so unfortunately we can not show you who won Miss September. We’re sorry about that.

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What Not To Do When Getting Arrested

This guy is being stopped by the Polizei for probably being drunk in public. While the officer is calling for backup, he does the unthinkable. If he were in the U.S. his antics would probably have been met with a tazer or a baton.

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