Martha Stewart’s Horrible Halloween Show

This special first aired in 1999 and was then removed from any rebroadcasts due to all of Martha’s Halloween ideas falling flat when presented to a handful of kids who are THE MOST UNFUN CHILDREN ON EARTH! Seriously, these kids are even too scared to drink a cup of grape juice! Plus Martha shows her creepiness by constantly talking about “getting in the mood”.

E-Mails From An Asshole 10-29

Dishwasher Confusion

Original ad:
I need a dishwasher dont care what color so long as it is a good working dishwasher that is cheap. I have a truck and can pick it up if necessary.

From me to ********@*********.org:

Hello! My name Miguel, I am good working dishwasher. I work at Ricardo’s Pizza as dishwasher for 5 years- me top dishwasher. Leave your dishes very clean and work for cheap. I have no driving license. You pick up, yes?

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