A Better Way To Pull A Tooth

What is the right way to pull a tooth? Everyone seems to have their own method, pliers, tie it to a string and a door knob then slam the door, etc. But one father realized that pulling a tooth isn’t really rocket science so he decided it should be. He ties one end of string to his son’s lose tooth, and the other to a rocket and lets junior have the honors.

Stop Motion Super Mario Video – Done With Post-Its

These Japanese students had some time to kill so they made a really cool Super Mario video using stop motion and Post-It notes. The only problem we have with it, if they are Japanese how did they fail to get the mushroom two times?

E-Mails From An Asshole 6-11

Tree Removal Barter

Original ad:
i need a grille not the cole kind but the gas kind. i will barter my skill as a landscaper in turn for a good grille if u need any kind of landscape work

From Me to **************@***********.org:


I saw your ad looking for a grill in exchange for your landscaping skills. Do you do tree removal? If so, there is a very expensive grill in it for you.


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