Reporter Crushes Kid At Skateboard

Reporter Charlie Belcher from the Fox affiliate in Tampa was doing a live broadcast from a skate park when he decided to try and Frogger his way across the pipe. Of course one of the kids accidentally slammed into Charlie and he deliveres a nice elbow to the kid’s ribs as he falls.

Side note: Did anyone else notice that “Wizard” looks a little too stoned to be supervising kids?

Meme Of The Week 7-29

This week’s meme is God Damnit!

The Back Story: This relatively new meme that is gaining momentum. It started with an image of a man slipping in the shower with the added text of “God Damnit”, a phrase generally uttered while in the process of falling, crashing, etc.

The set up: Find a picture of someone falling or about to be injured and add the text

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WTF Wednesday 7-28

This lady was in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo when she came across a bar with the weirdest toilets. A giant sumo wrestler’s head was the last thing she expected, let alone when it started singing and moving towards her.
We’re pretty sure there’s a video camera in the sumo’s mouth so they can record women peeing, you know how the Japanese are.

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