Meme Of The Week 5-20

This week we’re focusing on Kanye West – Imma Let You Finish.

The back story: At the 2009 VMA awards Taylor Swift won the Best Female Video award for one of her many songs about a young virgin who gives it up to the cool guy at school and then he ditches her for being lousy in the sack. So Taylor goes on stage to accept her award and wouldn’t you know it, mediocre singer and jackass extraordinaire Kanye West forgets everything his mother taught him about how to act in public and decides to storm the stage, take the microphone from Taylor and let everyone know that he felt Beyonce had a better video.

The Setup: Take a picture of a thing or an event, Photoshop in Kanye and a phrase describing how something else was better.

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Dance Moves Gone Wrong

This is what happens when white people try to dance! Especially when they’re drunk. The guy pulls some good old school moves, then the girl hands the camera to someone too stupid to hold it the right way (sorry but you have to turn your head) and proceeds to show us that although she’s cute, she has no rhythm or balance. We’re still waiting for the video shot shortly after this one where two date rapist looking guys take advantage of an unconscious girl with a head wound.

Climbing A Reservoir With Snowmobiles

A couple of guys with balls of steal decide to take their snowmobiles into a frozen reservoir. When they try to get out, the only option they have is to climb the sides.

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