Wedding Photographer’s Epic Fail

Instead of worrying about lining up the shot to get that great picture of the happy couple, this wedding photographer is going for the spray and pray rapid fire method. With all his attention on the happy couple he fails to remember there is a fountain in the church. Judging by the equipment he was using, this fail probably cost more than the ceremony. If only he had used that $4,000 giant telephoto lens to shoot the bride and groom coming down the aisle…what a dumbass.

Meme Of The Week 7-8

This week’s meme is a new one without a name so we are dubbing it, “Crazy Dad”

The Back Story: Just like PTSD Clarinet Boy, the image is based off the tired old photography trick where a photographer with no skill or creativity superimposes another picture into the image. With Crazy Dad we see an image of a smiling family, although they look a bit awkward. This image is superimposed onto an image of what is presumed to be the father of the family looking very serious. The contemplation of the father’s look shows that he is thinking of something he has done. And the expression on his face gives the impression that he may be capable of more than being just a loving father.

The set up: Take the stock image and add text to convey what Crazy Dad has done to his family.

*NOTE*- There is an alternative meme to this which portrays crazy dad as a pedophile, we will not post those on this site. Sorry, but don’t bother submitting them.

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