Hunkified Illustrations Of Male Disney Characters

We’ve seen countless images and illustrations of Disney princesses being re-imagined into various different roles or forms so we decided it was time to give our female fans something to enjoy. Illustrator David Kawena has taken some of the leading male figures of famous Disney movies and given them a hunk makeover. Although some didn’t really need one to begin with, David’s portrayal of these characters make things a little more steamy

The men of Disney as hunks
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Rejected Princesses

Former DreamWorks animator Jason Porath has a list of princesses you won’t see in the Disney lineup any time soon. His new site highlights these characters with a rundown of their unnerving back story.

Wu Zetian
Rejected Disney Princesses

Introducing Wu Zetian, first and only Empress of China — seen here poisoning her infant daughter. Now, that’s actually a bit of a historical inaccuracy: the generally-accepted truth was that she *strangled* her young daughter, to frame the old queen and get her out of the way. It worked — both the old queen and the old queen’s mother were executed, and haunted her from that point forward. I thought they’d make good comic relief characters in the movie adaptation. From there, she ascended to be Emperor Gaozong’s predominant consort, and set about eradicating all other claimants to the throne. Continue Reading

Famous Buddies

Australian illustrator and artist Dave Collinson’s series “Famous Buddies” pays tribute to the famous duos of pop culture

From Breaking Bad to Pulp Fiction, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker in Rush Hour, even Wayne and Garth. Some of the best duos are here

famous buddies
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