Disney At Hogwarts

Artist Eira1893 has taken some of the main characters from famous Disney films and reimagined them as students at Hogwarts. After all, most of them were teenagers anyway so it works. Now let’s see them as characters from Bayside High. I bet Gaston would be Slater, Milo could be Screech.

disney characters at hogwarts
Ariel, Prince Eric, Snow White, and Prince Florian

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Turning the Ordinary into the Extraordinary – Button Art

When have you ever thought about a button? When have you ever looked at a button and thought “wow, you are beautiful”. I’ve never done that. But Augusto Esquivel has. Esquivel is an artist based in Miami that creates beautiful artwork out of buttons. Such a seemingly insignificant object becomes a masterpiece through his vision and passion.

You can visit his website here.



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