Beaver Badge Contest Winner – April

This month’s Contest winner is Sholeh Margiono from Surabaya, Indonesia. Sholeh got a little creative with the sticker and after taking a knife to it he placed parts on his motorcycle helmet. The result is a pretty cool design. We were curious of Indonesian currency so after looking into it, it seems that the $50 prize Sholeh just won will be about 427,299.29 Rupiah with the current exchange rate. We’re not really sure how much that is worth in his country but we hope it’s enough to get some black shades to match his spiffy new helmet. Congrats Sholeh!

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Beaver Badge Contest Winner – March

This month we had to do something a little different. We had three pictures that were really good and we had a hard time deciding a winner. So since we want to spread the joy, we decided to make all three of them winners. They will each receive a $50 Visa gift card. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest, now here’s the winning pictures:

First, from a fan who asked us not to post his name (for obvious reasons) is this pic of a badge put on the back of a school bus right before it left to take the kids home:

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Beaver Badge Contest Winner – February

February’s winner of the Beaver Badge contest is Mike C. from Tampa! Mike thought that people may want something to look at while in a port-a-potty in South Tampa. At least he didn’t put it in the toilet. Congrats Mike, that $50 Visa gift card is on it’s way to you!

Can you out do this for next month? The March contest is already underway!
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