WTF Wednesday 6-8

Again Japan proves how strange they are. Granted, vajayjay racing sounds cool but when you see it in action it’s a little freaky.

Why Japanese Pop Music Beats American

Leave it to our friends from the Far East to once again show us how it’s done. While us stupid Americans have been blathering on about Rebecca Black or that Justin Bieber chick, the 21 member group AKB48 has been tearing up the charts. Why would we subject ourselves to crappy overdubbed music when we can enjoy ear worms like this sung by a symphony of scantily clad sirens?

Japan’s Newest Pop Star

This is Miku performing Stargazer live. That’s right, a complete CGI pop star. No longer will music execs have to worry about their sweet little female musicians turning into pregnant alchoholic druggies by the time they turn 17.

Want to know how they do it?
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WTF Wednesday 10-27

You know, some times Japan goes so far that even other people in Japan would go, “WTF man?”. We’re pretty sure THIS is one of those times. This is a set of clips from the Youth Classrom scenes in the Japanese movie Funky Forest.