Business Baby, It’s A Meme Now

The newest meme hitting the net right now is Business Baby and it’s spreading like wildfire.

A few days ago a Redditor posted a picture of his friend’s toddler sitting at a table playing with a toy phone while eating breakfast. Another user turned it into a macro and reposted it with captions and the title of “No Bullshit Business Baby”. Other users started adding their own and the rest is how new memes are born. The meme has already jumped from Imgur to other meme generating sites and is only increasing in popularity. We’re calling it, this baby meme (pun intended) is official.

business baby meme
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Go Home, You’re Drunk

Let’s take time to focus on an up and coming meme, “Go Home, You Are Drunk”.

From the fine folks at Know Your Meme:

“Go Home, You Are Drunk” is an expression used to point out someone else’s failure or misplaced objects, similar to other well-known dismissive statements like You’re Doing It Wrong and Buzzkilling. The phrase is typically featured in image macros in which the subject is performing a task incorrectly or found in an out-of-place position.

Thanks to hurricane Sandy and a few other unfortunate events recently, we’ve managed to make a whole new batch of these:

go home you're drunk meme
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My First Meme – Children’s Coloring Book

Belgian designer Jeremy Vandenbosch has created a coloring book that aims to teach your child about internet memes.

Illustrated by graphic designer Thierry Jaspart, ‘My First Meme’ features 24 illustrations of the internet’s most popular memes for your child to color and learn about.

“Teach your kids the world’s best memes before they go about searching them all alone,” warned the creators on their website, “Because the internet is a dark, spooky place. You know it is. You’ve seen it yourself.”

my first meme coloring book
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