“Eastwooding”, Yeah, It’s A Meme Now

We live in a strange time. One night an old man has a a break down on global TV and within the hour, it’s a meme. Of everything that happened at the RNC this week the thing that seems to be getting the most buzz is Clint Eastwood’s conversation with a chair that many saw as a sign of senility. By this morning “eastwooding” was making gaining traction. We were hoping it would die off but no, it looks like the internet gods have given this the greenlight and eastwooding is the new hotness. The act of eastwooding is simple, yell at a chair and take a picture. Look on the bright side, at least we’re not Batmaning anymore.


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Thunder LOL Cats

What happens when you take all the crappy memes from the internet and them into one cartoon? It looks something like this.

Meanwhile, In Iran

This is how you ride a motorcycle like a boss. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the trip. Try this one in rush hour and watch how fast you get to use your organ donor card.