Meme Of The Week 6-24

This week’s meme is the Successful Black Man

The Back Story: The original creator of this meme (who is remaining anonymous) has stated that the idea first came up while talking about discrimination issues at work. The meme then was picked up by 4chan’s random board which is a hot bed for racism. The appeal of the meme is that it breaks the racist stereotypes and in itself is a counter to racism.

The set up: The meme is based off of a picture of a black man dressed in business attire and when done correctly, the top line is an incomplete sentence that refers to a typical black male stereotype, but the sentence is continued on the bottom line in a sophisticated manner showing that the man does not fit the stereotype.

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Emo Kid Gets Creamed

This emo kid named Evan wants to make a little film for his friends where he shows how cool he is. At first it was kind of hard to look beyond his haircut that looks like someone jizzed on his face and it just kind of stuck that way but the video does have a payoff. He takes some lame setup hits and the whole video is kind of a snooze, but then something magical happens. Seems when Evan was casting for his little adventure he enlisted the help of a fellow student by the name of Sammy Watkins. Sammy who? Sammy Watkins, a high school football player that is one of the top college recruits in Florida. Sammy does a great job of showing why he is a major pick when he hits Evan so hard that his shoe comes off. For some reason the video ends after that.

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