Meme Of The Week 9-16

This week’s meme is Annoying Old Lady

The Back Story: This meme started popping up on forums and message boards around the summer of 2010 and quickly gained popularity because a lot of people know or have known an older/elderly woman in their lives who was frankly, annoying.

The set up: Using the base image of the old lady, add text of something you would expect her to say

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WTF Wednesday 9-15

Japan, that’s pretty much all we can say…

Rough Seas

This Pacific Sun Cruise liner hit some pretty nasty rough seas while it was out and the whole thing was captured on the ship’s CCTV. We found it only fitting to add some Drowning Pool to the footage to complete the ensemble. You know they had to pay out a boatload to these passengers to keep them from lawyering up and suing their insurance. BTW- don’t feel bad about laughing at the epic face slam around the 49 second mark, we did too, very, very hard!

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