E-Mails From An Asshole 12-11

Christmas Dinner

Original ad:
we need profesional catering for our christmas day dinner party. must have experence catering. SERIOUS RESPONSES ONLY

From Me to ************@*********.org:


I am writing in response to your ad looking for a caterer for your Christmas dinner party. I am a freelance chef with a lot of catering experience. I was the top chef at the world renowned Restauran de Bon Foodeux for over five years. If you are still looking for a caterer, let me know.


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WTF Wednesday 12-9

Someone likes bagels just a little too much.

Awesome Wax Ads

This latest case of Photoshop animal abuse is brought to you by Queen Bee Waxing of Culver City, California. Personally we think they should have gone for a Brazillian on the beaver but that’s just us. Do they really need to wax a cock though? Generally the bean bag needs a touch up but the cock itself shouldn’t need a waxing.

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