E-Mails From An Asshole 9-17

Angry TV Buyer

Original ad:
i want a flatscreen tv. at least 40 inches and under $500. hit me up if you got what i want

From Me to ***********@**********.org:


I am selling my 42″ Westinghouse plasma TV for $400. It is in excellent condition. I’m just selling it because I got a bigger one and don’t need this one anymore. Let me know if you are interested.


From jim ****** to Me:

yeah man thats perfect. ill buy that as soon as possible. would you be able to bring it to my house? i dont have a car. im home pretty much all day every day

you can call me if you want 610-***-****
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I’m On A Boat – Navy Remake

Ever since The Lonely Island came out with their song I’m On A Boat, tons of people (especially in the Navy) have tried to make their own version. This one by far is the winner. These crewmen of the USS John Paul Jones did a shot for shot remake that is almost identical to the original and just as entertaining. The best part though, T-Pain has been replaced by the American Revolutionary himself, John Paul Jones.

Mad props to the guys for putting this one together.

Tourettes Karaoke

This guy has tourettes and one night as his tics were acting up he decided to pass the time by throwing on some Air Supply and singing along. The result is probably one of the best versions of “All Out Of Love” EVER!
*Language Warning*-He has tourettes, duh!

Le GreenBoy

Le GreenBoy is a movie comic set in Paris. Written, directed and produced by Jerome Genevray, it follows Le GreenBoy a super-eco-hero as he’s trying to educate the citizens to be more environmentally friendly. This clip shows his first encounter with his beautiful yet dangerous arch enemy, Dirty Girl.
As far as low budget indie films go, this one seems to have some potential. This is only a teaser but it’s enough to get the idea.

For more information, check out their Facebook page

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