WTF Wednesday 12-29

For the last WTF Wednesday video of 2010, we wanted to go with something that truely lived up to it’s title. WTF indeed.

Epic Best Man Speech

When someone asks you to be the best man at their wedding, it’s a big honor. One of the most important things is what should you say? You could just do like this guy did and recite line for line Bill Pullman’s speech from Independence Day. Hey, in the movie it got everyone excited, why not?

2010 Win Compilation Video

Generally we’re not big fans of compilation videos, but this one is pretty good. User N0bodyyy pieced together some of the best videos of 2010 into one nice presentation.

Close Call For Photographer

This photographer was out in Austrailia on Saturday trying to get some nature pics when a lightning bolt struck about 200m away. We’re sure a few of these people needed to change their pants after this.

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