10 Really Strange Dating Sites

You know the old saying, there’s someone for everyone. With it being Valentine’s Day we figured it would be a good idea to look around the net and see if it was true. The results were pretty shocking and sometimes vomit inducing (yeah, there was even a site for that). We gathered up the top 10 that we liked and decided to share them with you in case there’s any lonely hearts looking for that special someone/something this Valentine’s Day.

10. DateCraft
This one isn’t too weird but it seems to be one of the only sites to tackle the issue of finding that special partner for World of Warcraft players. Here’s what we don’t get, most WoW players spend all their time online playing, so, why do you need someone around trying to distract you?
datecraft.com (Update- sorry, looks like this site is gone)
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This Super Bowl Party Will Be Better Than Yoursi

So you hit the grocery store and think you have everything ready for the big game right? Well no matter what you do, your party will suck compared to what this uber-fan did to his living room. Since the game will be held at Cowboy’s Stadium, this dude decided since he can’t be there in person, he’ll be there in spirit. He recreated the feeling of the stadium in his living room complete with the jumbotron hanging from the ceiling. There’s only one thing that would be better than this and that would be not wasting time watching a game that kids play in the park on the weekend and hit up the strip club. Those dancers will be bored out of their mind and you’ll be able to get more for your money. That’s right, we offer financial advice too!

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