Costume Test Photos For Some Of The Mos Eisley Cantina Characters

Cool test pictures along with some back story for some of the alien characters spotted in the Mos Eisley Cantina

tzizvvt mos eisley cantina
Tzizvvt was a male Brizzit who hailed from Jandoon. Claiming to be a professor of xenoarchaeology searching for a treasure known as “The Eye of the Beyonder”, he was believed to be a fugitive from the Empire named Ilna. Setting up residence in Tatooine’s sewers, Tzizvvt soon became a figure of derision on the planet, dismissed as a “crazy old storyteller.” He had in fact collected some treasures, which he kept in his sewer-bound residence, but kept them secret from the proletarians.
tzizvvt mos eisley cantina
He first appeared in “Star Wars”, as an unnamed alien in the Cantina sequence, portrayed by Stephen Calcutt. On the set of the film, the character was known as “Snail Head,” and was supposed to have been given the proper name of “Illna.” The character was largely edited out of the film following re-shoots, but still appears fleetingly in the final cut.
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