iPhone4 vs HTC Evo – Remake

You’ve probably already seen the old iPhone4 vs HTC Evo video that came out a while back. But these guys decided that a video with crappy audio and stupid animated cats from xtra normal didn’t do this skit justice so they decided to remake it in live action.

Awesome Car Swing

What do you do when you want to have fun but only have half a car? You harness your inner MacGyver and turn it into a fun self propelled swing.

How To Erase A CD

A fun and quick way to erase the data from a CD. Granted, a hammer works too, but this way at least looks cool.

Android Busts A Move

There’s been a rivalry for a while between Android and Apple and until we see an Apple mascot busting moves like this we will give Android the upper hand.
*NOTE*- The fat guy from the Fruit Of The Loom commercials doesn’t count!