New Gaming Party Fad

This is one of those things that seems too good to be true. A bunch of decent looking people all hanging out playing some video games, sans the clothing. You know the reality is you’d have a room full of people you don’t want to see naked and everyone is scared to touch the Doritos because that one guy keeps scratching himself before putting his hand in the bowl. It has to be a clever ad by Extendplay but we don’t care. We’re hoping this idea takes off.


Are you tired of people wondering if you’re gay or just technologically challenged just because you have an iPhone? Well you can put their questions to rest by coming out of the closet with a new Phoneballs case. Phoneballs are also great for girls who miss that balls on chin action when they’re on the phone. Just like truck nuts, we’re pretty sure these will get a great reception from the general public.

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Awesome Camera Effect

This guy was filming his friend playing the guitar when he noticed something strange, the high FPS from the camera gave a cool effect on the guitar strings.

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WTF Wednesday 5-18