Strange Beaver’s Top 11 Posts Of 2011

With the year drawing to an end we went back through and calculated the page views and have come up with the top 11 posts from this year.

10: Mugshots Of Genetic Weirdos

9: Awesome Facebook Profile Pictures

At the moment of posting this there is a tie for the #8 spot. With the page views going back and forth it was too close to call a winner.
8-2: Happy Bikini Day!

8-1: Facebook Fails 12-9

7: The Best Engagement Pictures Ever

6: Motivational Monday 5-16

5: Really Bad Maternity Pictures

4: Girls With Guns

3: How To Erase A CD

2: Barbie’s Dark Side

And the #1 post from 2011 is
Forever Alone Prank Flash Mob

We’re still getting hate mail from that one

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