E-Mails From An Asshole 12-10

Rude Phone Salesman

Original ad:
White iPhone 3G network 16 gig for sale – great condition comes with usb/home charger and screen protection case. $350 *******@gmail.com

From Me to *******@gmail.com (Dec 6 9:38 PM):


Is your iPhone still available?


From *******@gmail.com to Me (Dec 7 3:24 AM):


From Me to *******@gmail.com (Dec 7 3:25 AM):

What the hell is wrong with you? Do you have any idea what time it is?
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NASA Hates Cats

When you’re a major government agency like NASA, some times you have to show what you’re spending the money on. This archive footage is their way of justifying their enourmous budget. Seriously, if you had an aircraft like The Vomit Comet wouldn’t you be tempted to use it to play wall ball with a cat, all in the name of “science”?

E-Mails From An Asshole 10-29

Dishwasher Confusion

Original ad:
I need a dishwasher dont care what color so long as it is a good working dishwasher that is cheap. I have a truck and can pick it up if necessary.

From me to ********@*********.org:

Hello! My name Miguel, I am good working dishwasher. I work at Ricardo’s Pizza as dishwasher for 5 years- me top dishwasher. Leave your dishes very clean and work for cheap. I have no driving license. You pick up, yes?

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What Not To Do When Getting Arrested

This guy is being stopped by the Polizei for probably being drunk in public. While the officer is calling for backup, he does the unthinkable. If he were in the U.S. his antics would probably have been met with a tazer or a baton.

Meme Of The Week 10-14

This week’s meme is Cigar Guy

The Back Story: In October at the 2010 Ryder Cup, Daily Mail photographer Mark Pain snapped an awesome shot of Tiger Woods nailing a golf ball right towards the camera. The image looks almost too perfect to be an event photo and at first many thought it was a publicity shot:

As the photo circulated one thing stood out, the gentleman on the right hand side with the cigar. He looked so out of place it was comical. And that ladies and gentleman is how memes are born. Pretty soon Photoshops of the image were popping up on forums all over the net. One thing that fueled the meme was the mystery of who the man was. The Daily Mail tracked him down and found his name was Rupesh Shingadia, a 30-year-old investment analyst. When asked about the getup (the wig, cigar, and fake mustache) he said it was a tribute to Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez.

The set up: Photoshop Cigar Guy into any picture

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